Happy the New Year 2019 again 🙂

Everything has a starting point.

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My HWA starts now :3

When did I start to interest in Horoscopes with Astrology?

It’s 2019 already 🙂 It’s 8 years already since the first time I approached Horoscope, and the Astrology later on. It’s a mixed feeling as I flashback. I think it calls nostalgia? 🙂

I have a story behind it. Would you have time to read?

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Yeah 🙂 you guess right. It’s about love story, but like a spell, the first love RARELY works at the first time;nevertheless, with some people, they want to make a perfect right at the first time trying. I guess it’s a special gift with the intelligence.

My short answer is about my first love romantic relationship. Honestly, it might not be called a romantic relationship. It’s first love in the teenagerhood, and it considers as the transitional relationship under the Psychology view. It means by intercourse and experience this kind of relationship, your life, your cognition, your feelings, your emotions, your point of view will change… It grows! It becomes more mature in the most case -.- It happens to me. I have been more mature since then.

And here is my first love story if you have time. However, before I share it, I would like to let you know that. You are not the first one who read and hear about my first love story. My second ex-girlfriend is the first one.

Hmm…I might be wrong. I remember I did tell one female Vietnamese friend before my second ex-girlfriend. That Vietnamese female friend might forget about me and about my first story since back then, we exchanged each other story in some fair meaning one time, and I haven’t met her again so far…. Not my parents, not my best friends (Actually, I don’t have any friends that can be called “best friend”, nor friends ) You might wonder I’m stupid when I share the secret with the total stranger girl? Ha-ha XDDD I will let you know why when my Western Sun Sign Horoscope girlfriend comes. It’s a very simple answer 😛

As you read this first love story, I flashback as a 25-year-old person. Someone said that 25 is the departure of the adulthood. 25 is also the appropriate age to search the reason why you were born in this world (since the mind is mature enough?)

The first time I meet my first ex-girlfriend is when I am about the 10th grade high school in my home country. With the academy culture, most high schoolers are volunteered (some are forced by parents) going to tutorial class. It depends on the parent’s desires; the high schoolers choose the path.

For example, if parents want the child to become the doctor, the child will follow the Math, The Chemical, The Biology as the three main principles. For technicians, it will be the Math, the Physique, The Chemical. For the social jobs, it might be The Language, The History, The Geography.

The location where we meet is the tutorial building (it’s similar to the picture below). That small building obtains the three principles in three different floors :

This picture is from another website. The credit belongs to them, not me. Here is the URL if you interest
  • The Math are more flexible schedule all day long
  • The Chemical tutorial class are available in the morning and the afternoon only
  • The Physique starts around 5 pm afternoon until 9 pm

I am referred to that tutorial building by my aunt recommendation. The Math teacher is a very good reputation and also has a good teaching method. I meet my first ex-girlfriend right at the first time I come to the Match tutorial class at the night time (around 7 pm).

I sit on one chair and wait for the teacher comes. My first ex-girlfriend is running across me. As soon as she passes, there is one small electric impulse run inside me. At that moment, I miss her face. I just barely capture her body shape. She’s a little chubby and short. It’s a normal shape for the Vietnamese people. She is late for her Physique class, and I am sitting in the Math class. Since the number of students reaches 50 students on the peak hours, the teacher group divides the Math class will be on the first floor. The Physique and The Chemical share the second floor in turn using.

That night goes normal when the principal Math teacher points one his assistance teacher (actually newly-graduated Math teacher). He guides me with a small Math test-> and then go directly to the school lessons (those lessons are designed by the Education bureau since it’s different from Viet Nam Academy vs American)

The first time I meet my ex in real is in the Physique class. Since I’m a newbie and the teacher are teaching the new lesson, the teacher just groups a bunch of students randomly. That’s how I meet her officially, face to face. By contingently.

My first impression, she is good about the Physique. I don’t look closely at her face since I am listening to the teacher. I bet at the moment, all the students listen to the teacher. Next, we just go back to our normal seat and do some examples, some exercises to understand the problem.

And then I just follow my own tutorial schedule based on my ability. Somehow, I meet my first ex girl-friend more frequently. I remember we don’t talk to each other at first. One of her friends is the bridge. Then, my first ex-girlfriend and me, we just open the conversation very smooth and natural. At first, we talk about the academy, the lessons at the tutorial class. Sometimes, I need her help as well. Sometimes, a group of students goes to the third floor. My first ex-girlfriend is the one who invites me into the floor. It’s quieter than the second floor, and the teacher checks students less frequency. At the third floor, we can play more than study.

That’s a hidden tension, and we don’t pay attention much about it: play more than study….

I also give a nickname to my first ex-girlfriend. Since she doesn’t know anything about electricity, about the Internet, about the cell phone, I see her as a mountain girl. It’s an irony in my first language. “Mountain girl” has a little mocking meaning, but my first ex-girlfriend doesn’t take it seriously. She also has her own nickname which is MA. That nickname “ma” is composed of the first letter of her first name and the first letter of her last name. Her friend usually calls her by “ma”. Only me who calls her “mountain girl”. Somehow, she accepts for me to call like that 🙂

The “mountain girl” means she doesn’t know much about the normal life.

All she knows is the study. It’s a consequence of her family situation. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, and her mother is strict on her, but her mother gives all the love to her. Therefore, “mountain girl” always always always tries her best in the academy. She doesn’t want to disappoint her mother. Out of the school-based, Mountain girl’s mind always has one thing: study.

Study-> study-> and study.

When Mountain girl has free time, she studies. When she has stress, she studies. She only has 30 minutes free time every day. In two days weekends, she still studies ahead for the next week. Just barely, she has a little chitchat with her female friends. Since her mother policy, no boyfriend until…until her mother allows. Even it’s just normal male friends, it’s still a big NO.

Even I flashback now, I still feel the real pressure. That is a really really really heavy stone!

And the pressure is so great that “mountain girl” does commit to suicide once. She shared that with me later, when the relationship is warm enough, and she is comfortable enough. I can see clearly the scare on her left wrist blood vein where she covers it by a small silver hand-watch.

I feel pitiful to her, and for her. My pure intention back then is giving her some relaxed moments. I cheer her up with some jokes. We kind of enjoy each other while playing and studying during the tutorial hours. I also share a few things about the normal life with her.

As you know the consequence. Her grade decreases.

Because of me. TT.TT

Because of some relaxed moments.

Because of my immature, my childish behavior back then.

However, “mountain girl” and me, somehow, we arrange to still meet each other in that tutorial building. You can say that tutorialbuilding is where we usually have a date.

When we go to the 11th grade, we have small dates, about 3 times outside the tutorial building. Once is a short walking in the public park near her place -.- actually, it’s her free time for exercise in the morning.

Another time is eating a snack nearby the tutorial building.

The last one is going into a supermarket for shopping some groceries. Going there together.

What eventually comes, it will come no matter what!

The 12th grade comes. It’s the last year of the high school.

Plus, the new about moving is confirming. I share with one of my female friend about I will move into the USA, but I don’t know the exact date.

I was completely blank mind when I receive her phone call. I listen to her saying something, and then…. ( two words and you know what two words are -.- )

After hearing a sentence such as “we can not meet each other anymore”, I remember she keeps saying something, but I feel like I’m deaf.

I…do something after the break up…go to find her… ask the teacher where she lives…I don’t remember. Mountain girl just…disappears!

Perhaps, in my imagination!

When I accept the reality that we never meet again (about 2,3 years after?), I start to look for the reasons why we break up back then. ( when a person wants to break up with you, he/she can make up any reasons) However, I know for sure “mountain girl” doesn’t make up any reasons. I know it is her only choice at the moment. The circumstance doesn’t offer her another choice. She considers. She calculates. And the result…She chooses the safe.

Now, when I think back, THERE IS ANOTHER CHOICE! We could be a long-distance relationship.

I miss her a few years after the breakup. I still remember her birthday since we have been spent almost 3 years together.

That’s the initial point for me to search online: what kind of girl who was born in January 15th?

As I research, I come up with Western Horoscope with the Vietnamese translation. I don’t know where the source info, but the principles, the main characteristics of Capricorn girls are still correct at some points, at some levels since “mountain girl” ’s personalities, behaviors still have some differences with Horoscope’s description.

The more I read about Capricorn girl, the more I feel getting closer to her reasons.

Western Horoscope does explain a little for me, but at the time, I don’t know about Astrology yet.

That is purely first love relationship. We hold hands as the only inmate action. I don’t have the courage to kiss her too >.< even I have about two chances to do that, but…a little regret

However, it doesn’t matter much since it’s past. It stays as a memory. To me, it’s neither good or bad since it’s the first time ever.

The first time ever, I have a best friend.

The first time ever, I have a girlfriend.

The first time ever, I have experienced the pain of broken relationship.

The first time ever, I have lost my spirit world except my pure interest with South Korean Kpop music since 2009.

The first time, it takes about 3 years for healing by new circle friends in the university in my home country.

The relationship also teaches me lesson.

And I think it’s good enough for let it go and perhaps close it. I know the only way to forget is loving a new girl with a new relationship, not seeking the shadow.

I think I have a little bit lucky to meet mountain girl again.

Perhaps, I was mistake, but that young lady has the similar face with mountain girl. I know I was momental emotion because I saw that lady on the bus number 36 of King County transportation.

It could be Mountain girl since I didn’t start the conversation with her. Just simple, I was still shocked when I saw a familiar face. With mountain girl’s ambitious, she could earn the international scholarship and study abroad in the USA.

Anyway, there are a few things I want to say to Mountain girl for completely close the relationship. At least for me.

😛 Never mind since Mountain girl doesn’t believe on this HWA so…

Just in case, I know there is a very small chance, like 0.1%?, Mountain girl could read this post. Gne will keep short then since I know she’s still busy

Gne just wants to say: thank you for the time we have been together, and sorry for bringing the pain to you, sorry for making it clear since we start as boyfriend-girlfriend from the best friend point. I know that decision hurts you more than me since you are the one who breaks up first.

If you can lift it up, it means you can put it down.

“em vẫn là đồ ngốc, người miền núi mặc dù em chỉ gọi anh một lần duy nhất.”

If you wonder how Mountain girl looks like. Honestly, I see her face angles much look like this South Korean actress – Kim Ji Soo in the younger age haha not just only me, Mountain girl’s friends also said so.

from Wiki image

Finally, Gne also sorries for making it long like this. Also, thank you for reading such as a long post. Please close your phone scene or laptop and let your eyes rest a little bit.

P/S: I inform you in advance that you will read a lot about Capricorn young girls in the blog section :3

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