After using 7 ways attract Taurus Man, he now notices you. He is falling love with you SLOWLY~ Both of you are in the romantic relationship, but only you feel it alone! You find Taurus Man lacks romantic side. He is so realistic that sometimes, you wonder yourself if he’s still interested in you.

Lady, you think too much!

Because you don’t understand much about Taurus Man. It can’t blame your worry since you just get to know him in the very first stage relationship.

Here is a fact about Taurus Man.

Taurus Man is loyal!

Since his natural is Earthy-> It means he has been thinking about you. He has been observed you for a while before announcing his final decision.

Once he confirms with himself that he does really likes you. -> then you don’t need to worry. If you worry someone might steal him from you, It’s understandable.

We all have that idea at some point during the relationship. We are aware that there is always someone better than us, someone more handsome, more beautiful than us. We are afraid our partner would make a move on.

For other Zodiac men, it could happen, but not with Taurus Men, not with Virgo Men. Or special with Capricorn Men, cheating is NEVER in his dictionary. (if you find your Capricorn man cheat on you, then do you know his reason, his secret behind that action?) Why? Simple because of their natural born. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth Element.

Express how much you love him by actions

  • Cooking his favorites dishes
  • Give some sensual touches to him if you are comfortable.

You have been a few dates with your Taurus man. Do you notice both of you usually start your dates in one restaurant? If not, does it begin with food?

Keep Taurus man interested by cooking food

By interpreting his action, it’s his way to express love to you. Since Taurus Man loves to eat delicious gourmet, he loves to share his taste with someone he loves. Usually, his family members are the one, but now he includes you into his sharing-food-list.

Even Taurus man doesn’t say, but you need to guess his idea. He has been sharing his delicious gourmets with you-> what are your attitude? Do you take grant on his generosity?

Taurus man would love you more if you return the favor.

In this case, you have two options. One is cooking his favorites dishes by yourself. Another is buying back his favorites foods-> then give it for him

Small tip: you should buy three portions just in case he wants to eat more because your action makes him happy. He might eat yours 🙂 Thus, buy three if you want to share with him. if not, buy two and give all to him!

About this “Give some sensual touches to him if you are comfortable.” -> You decide yourself 🙂

Tip: use it with the meal. -> you should combine two actions into one activity.

Let’s say you want to have a small celebration for 100 days dating together. You inform your Taurus Man in advance about this date. You will cook for both by yourself. (If you buy an already-made meal, let him know after he bites the first one) Your Taurus man would ask why? suddenly you want to do that?

Explain to him. ( A little trick here: list some benefits when cooking at home, save more in long term-> closing with a sentence like “if you want to eat again, you can ask me to cook it for you anytime”. Or “what do you want me to cook for you?” )

Let him know you want to add a little romance into your relationship. It would take a couple of days for him to think and also for you to explain persistently to him.

At the table, first, you sit like normal both of you sit in the restaurant-> then, tell him, to you, 100 days dating is a milestone in your love relationship. You want to do a little different in order to make the date unforgettable.

Sitting closer in the table

After, you stand up-> move your chair closer to him-> side by side would be better-> take the first bite of meal-> delivery to his mouth. 🙂

Don’t be distract with his complain when you babysit him like that-> use your hand to cover his hand for you to finish the action.

Then, find your occasion to touch him where both of you are comfortable.

Being generous to yourself, to him and to whom he interacts

Sometimes, you can make up a reason for invite him go over your place to help.

tidy room

If you plan for that, clean up your messy bedroom before inviting him over. Because your bedroom would be the first place Taurus man wants to take a look. He would expect your place tidy enough. Even messing a little bit, that’s fine.

If messy a little bit, place intentionally your bra or underwears on the top of mess. That would catch his attention and distract him from the whole mess under.

Purpose: allow him to help you-> also show your feminine side.

About his friends and strangers whom he interacts, you can not sit still and do nothing. That would be a minus under his eyes.

Stay openly to discuss everything realistic with him

This one is a little funny. Taurus Man is NOT open to share his mind, his ideas, his emotions, his feelings to others, even with his family members. However, he expects his partner – you – to open. He secretly wants you to share everything with him.

If you talk about something uninterest to him, Taurus man would turn the table into the realistic view.

gossip with female friends

Tip: Before discussing anything with him, think about the real point. He is your lover, not your friends. If you want to gossip about life, fashion, movie, music, actors, breaking news, etc, save all the aspect for your friend get-to-together day.

After a tired working day, Taurus Man needs a comfortable place for him to recharge his energy. If you are “gossip” about everything while he’s tired or he has stress, the chance that he listens to you is 10%.

Under his point, you are complaining! NOT discuss openly with him.

Being his inspiration source

When you see your Taurus man need to recharge like that, let he be for a while.

Take a look of yourself. After a working day, what you want the most when you get back to your place? For him, it could be simple to sit on his favorite chair, stuff on TV, snacking. -> He is resting and recharging. He would not touch any housework nor anything else.

While he is resting like that, take advantage of that time for cooking. As soon as his nose catches something more delicious than his snack, he will come out of his chair -> track the source -> find you at the finish line with a warm, fresh delicious dish for him.

That is one way for you to lure him out 😛

After pull some energy, he will be ready to be your superhero.

Tell him that your loyalty with him is your final choice

For overcome your worry about losing him to someone else, you need to sit down with him -> discuss sincerely with him.

Here is the idea for you and also for him.

“In this world, there always has someone who is more handsome than you, richer than you, taller than you, but I don’t have any business with him. Do you know loyalty is also a human choice?

People make their choices, no matter small or big, every day in the basic need. When it comes to a relationship, it is the same. It’s me who choose to chase on you because I see you are a reliable and trustful man. Thank you for choosing me as your partner.

I am aware of your sex needs. I have mine too. However, loyal to you is my final choice. I say this to you with the purpose you would do the same. Loyal to each other. If I am not available when you’re aroused, can we try sex toy or something else?”

Even Taurus man commits to loyal with you, it still has a small chance he would have an affair. Once again the main reason would be his high sex drive.

Do NOT refresh nor renew your outlook and routines

Taurus man is a habit creature. Everyone has some habits, but Taurus man is more loyal to his habits than other men. And he expects to see you at least the same.

You might feel bored when you keep your outlook years after years even the fashion industry changes in seconds to seconds. If you change your new hairstyle, he would question you. If you buy a new cloth, he would ask why you are wasting money. If you want to buy some skin cares, he would complain why you use so many makeup products.

Taurus man cheap

You might feel he’s cheap. Forget him or change your prospect. He is saying in the economy side.

One more thing you need to be aware of is about the routines between both of you. Special in your woman period circle. Do you remember Taurus man has a high sex drive? He would find a “replacement” while you are nourishing the biology child of him (at your womb)

Do NOT push him to change himself

He just is afraid to be changed. He also is very slow to adapt the new environment. He doesn’t expect you to change yourself (and your appearance), so don’t do it to him.

Don’t push him to change!

If you really want him to change-> remember two essential rules:

  • Lead by head
  • Lure by food and sex

Have you ever take a look how a farmer use the buffalo in the agriculture?

Farmers NEVER push the buffalo by right side nor left side nor the rear. They attach a small ring and use a rope to lead the bull IN THE FRONT.

Taurus Man symbol is a bull, a buffalo-> thus, you need to use the same technique with farmers.

How you lead Taurus Man is different from farmers. Using food as a trigger to lure him out-> ask him to do one small change-> reward him by anything he likes.

If you catch your Taurus man lack of motivation, add “sex” into it. It will make him craving to change haha

Repeat it until it becomes a new habit to him -> then the outcome meets your goal because he doesn’t pay attention that he is changed!

So far, it’s just 7 ways keep Taurus man interested. Have you try one of those? What is your result?

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