Well Ladies, I can imagine your situation.

In a beautiful day, when you go out with your friends or other purposes, you spot a gentleman. You notice his height is off the crowd with one head. You find yourself is attractive to him. Somehow, your natural instinct urges you to get him, but you don’t know how because you are a stranger to him.

Okay, Ladies, before you go further, I need you to confirm again: is he a Taurus Man? How you can tell he is Taurus Man? Are you sure his birthday falls in the rage between April 20th until May 21st?

If you can not ask that information (well, it’s understandable since it’s his personal, private information), then check his outlook. If his appearance has mostly traits below, then the chance – he is Taurus Man – is firmer.

  • Big bones
  • Square shaped head
  • Thick dark hair
  • Little broad and wild shoulder
  • Strong body shape
  • “Stocky”
  • Small ear, close to the head
  • Graceful movement, slow

The best virtual Taurus Man example is The Rock actor (even his hair is….)

Taurus Man - The Rock - portrait

Next, the singer Chris Brown

Taurus Man Singer Chris Brown

-> then Twilight Vampire Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson

Taurus Man - Vampire Robert Pattinson

-> Korean Signer/ Songwriter Taeyang BigBang

Taurus Man Taeyang BIGBANG member

-> Lu-Han – former EXO member and one more EXO member Baekhyun

-> David Beckham

Taurus Man David Beckham

If the man whom you are attracted has a similar appearance like those celebrities above, then we should go in detail how to attract Taurus Man right below.

The first way: Take all your courage and confess with him

In my home country Viet Nam, there is a saying:” a buffalo usually go to look for a pole”

young buffalo tied with pole

It’s about love. The original meaning a buffalo symbols for a man. A pole symbols for a woman.

However, that is very old saying. It can not be true in this modern day.

Women has more freedom than before. Women go out to work. Women can work in some areas where men are dominant.

Therefore Ladies, don’t be passive and sit around -> or wait until the love comes

Being active pole-> be able to walk-> go to look for your bull – in this case, it’s your Taurus Man.

This first way is the most direct and also easy that works with Taurus Man.

In most case the Taurus man would tell you that he needs more time, then you don’t need to be upset because that is one Taurus Man personality – s..slowwwww~

Taurus Man is super “slow” to catch your love signal. You need to confess with him in person.

Before the confession, you need to prepare a few things as well. You don’t need to hurry because of his slow nature trait.

( If you take a look to the bull in natural agriculture, the bull will move very slow, so you don’t need to worry your bull runs away.)

One reminder: If you want to attract a married Taurus Man… (Sorry in advance that I feel offense if you want to do that.), this first method won’t work.

I don’t know about your situation and what you experiences in the past. If you still insist to attract a married Taurus Man for any reason, you can do that with the third way.

The second : Ask him to be your financial independence coach

Since Taurus Man is sensitive with money, he has a side-talent about managing his money and his asset.

All he has is what he saves over years. He also makes money for growing.

If you were a broken lady and want to marry off Taurus Man for a luxurious life, it would not be easy like you thought. Taurus Man still takes at last 3 months to observe you. Since Taurus Man has a cool head for realistic material view, he still is generous and helps you with some money without a romantic relationship with you. He just donates his kind actions.

Take a little advantage of his generosity, ask him to be your financial coach. Ask him some financial advice. Ask him to help you to get out of the broken. Ask him how to have financial independence like him.

By doing that, you have a chance to get closer a little with Taurus man. Now, there is one connection between both of you.

The third : “I know I’m sexy lady~”

That is your motto when you approach a Taurus Man with a fixed mindset – look for a luxurious life.

In general, a sexy lady doesn’t mean you need to show off your skin. Taurus Man “a sexy lady” definition is a little different but realistic and sexual.

Under Taurus Man, “a sex lady” should have:

  • Big breasts. Hmmm…. if you are naturally gifted with big breasts, then use your weapon. Don’t waste your natural gift.
  • A nice enough third round. Taurus Man will look at your S curve hip and a nice butt. Thus, keep his eyes to your body.

Besides, those two things, your facial beauty means less to him.

Choose your weapon: your S curve above or below. K.O him!

One thing awareness: If you choose this method, track your women period circle frequently. You ask why? Taurus Man has a fixed mindset when it comes to his body needs. Yes, He has a high sexual drive. He can perform well in the bed. Nevertheless, he will insist to do it into a habit.

If you are not careful and get pregnant (even the child is his), he might find another body to satisfy his sex drive while you are carrying his babies. In this point, it’s just natural his body needs. After shedding all, he will come back to you as a good husband.

The suggested solution for this situation: invest in a sex toy for him. Or being creative -> find your ways to satisfy his need in the bedroom while he’s still around you. Do it before he starts an affair!

The fourth: Besides financial safety, it’s him who makes you feel “emotion safety

Don’t expect he will say something for supporting. He would do the actions. Usually, he would give you money. To him, having material safety reflects his emotional safety and vice versa.

You need to tell him and let him know about it. Tell him that everything indeed needs money, but money can not solve all problem. Special when it involves to love. You love him not because of his money. You need a safe place for your heart too. You see his heart is one of many safe places in this Earth.

It’s up to you. Sacrifice your emotion safety in exchange with a money-worry-free life?

Or having a conversation heart-to-heart with Taurus Man?

The fifth: Prove to him that you are a strong woman ( or a petite lady that needs his protection XD)

Taurus Man has a simple and fixed mindset-> it’s one good thing, but it makes him slow to understanding. Sometimes, it becomes stubborn.

He cherishes traditional value. He looks for a “strong” woman to be his partner. It’s not simply a strong mindset woman, also a good healthy body. If you know some material arts, that is a bonus to him.

Ask Taurus man piggyback you

If you were a petite lady that needs his protection, jumping on his back-> ask him to piggyback you.

If he doesn’t have any actions, he might be shy inside because your body touches him from the behind. Don’t give up so easily. Even he doesn’t put his arms to support you on his back while you are piggybacking him, insist to wrap your hands into his neck.

Give him compliment about his wide shoulder. Let him know you feel safe when you have a big guy like him.

Next, you can say a little romantic thing while he is carrying you. For example:” Before I meet you, I have two big addiction. One is money. The second is delicious Food. And now, I discover my third addiction. Can you guess what is it? It’s you!”

Just one example -.- convert it into your style saying.-> make sure he hears it.

Then, enjoy a little shy, cute moment of Taurus Man! It would a flashing period. Pay attention for it, Ladies!

The sixth: Honestly about your romantic needs

The headline tells all.

You should sit down and have a real conversation with him. Of course, it needs to be heart to heart. If you ask him to do a few small romantic for you, his answer would face you cool icy water.

Don’t feel angry. Slowly explain to him. Taurus Man is very slow to understand.

Tell him that you are a woman. You have more emotional than him. You still need some romantic actions in order to feel to be loved. For example a romantic candle dinner in a restaurant. Or fresh flowers in non-special occasions.

You might think at least, he can say “I love you”?

Honestly, you would have the change to hear it from Taurus Man. You need to tell him that you want to hear that three special words ” I love you”. You need to give clear instruction. Or you would receive “I love you” in a different meaning.

For example. On the Valentine day, you buy a chocolate and give to him. You wait to hear his response after eat your chocolate. However, you feel down because he would ask about the price of the chocolate.

If so-> get to use with his love expression.

The last: simplest but also hardest – satisfy his tongue, his stomach!

Taurus Man is “earthy”, so his natural needs are predictable. Just like a male shark, the shark natural needs are food, sleep and sex.

Taurus Man would have the same. Nevertheless, you have less work than female shark.

I hear one advice from an old grandmother. She says if you want to keep husband love you, fill full his stomach and empty his ball!

This advice is the motto for Taurus Man. You need to follow that advice and apply to your potential Taurus Man. -> fill full his stomach first -> then after marriage, empty his ball.

In order to do that, you need to learn the cooking skill. You don’t need a fancy dish. Just learn how to make a few dishes that happen to be his favorite dish 🙂

One tip: if both of you are busy then check this recipe book with 350 recipe ideas for busy people.

So far so good? Do you understand at least one method? You can combine all 7 ways in one time using 🙂

Good Luck with your long journey! If you have a new situation, comment below or fill out the contact form. I am glad to help you within my ability.

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