Scorpio is the most Mysterious Zodiac! Understanding Scorpio is hard, but not impossible. Here are 7 things for you to understand Scorpio man. And the list below classifies on the timeline.

  1. First impression and First feeling
  2. You can’t force Scorpio man to do things that he doesn’t want to
  3. Scorpio man emotional Needs
  4. Scorpio man body Needs
  5. Scorpio man and the loyal issue
  6. Scorpio man wants and desires
  7. Become his alliances Or his enemies. No middle. If can’t choose, leave him ALONE!


the reason varies on gender. For other men, some men want to befriend with Scorpio man. Some need to understand Scorpio man because it’s the enemy. Very few men want to understand Scorpio because he is their idol, their ideal model for achievement.

For women, the most common reason is you are curious about Scorpion man. You want to know more about him and his secrets. Another reason, Scorpio man could be the true love you have been looking for. And some more reasons serve as purposes.

What for

For anyone

For the friendship, alliances, affiliated relationships, benefited relationship with Scorpio man

For defeating the enemy

For the pride

For sexually body needs

For revenge

For finding a lover, a soulmate

For finding someone trustful

For marriage and/or for a long life after-marriage

Wish the second chance for understanding Scorpio man deeper

And the two most important purposes: For understanding and for Loving Scorpio man. Truly.

First impression and First feeling

Scorpio man doesn’t leave a good impression to others. His common first-impression [to others] is a cold and not-friendly man. In return, the Scorpio man does the same. Regardless of your gender, Scorpio man will decide “he can” and “he can’t” at the first meeting.

Scorpio man will believe in his first feeling. If he feels he can love you more, then Scorpio man will secretly make the plan to achieve it. When you leave nothing to Scorpion man, then you are a stranger to him. It’s not his business when you come to him and show your pain. Unless Scorpio man is a doctor 🙂

You can’t force Scorpio man to do things that he doesn’t want to

This behavior is the consequence of the first thing. After the first feeling and the first impression, Scorpio man will stick with his decision. Until the end! No matter who you are, what is your background, what is your purpose, why you approach him, where you find the interesting on him, you can’t force Scorpio man to do the things he doesn’t want to do.

When you force it in a brutal way, you definitely receive the opposite result. With the more brutal way. If you treat Scorpio man badly, he definitely returns what you give him. Plus his interest’s base. Normally, Scorpio man usually feels happy when he returns 10 times painful to his enemies. The strategy works when you treat him right. And one more small thing you need to know. Scorpio man rewards are delayed.

Because Scorpio man doesn’t trust people much. Only a very few people can earn the trust of Scorpio man. Even you have gained trust from Scorpio man, it doesn’t stop there. Scorpio man will invent more tests. His rewards are at the end of the test. If you give up in the middle, you lose all.

Scorpio man emotional Needs

When you first meet Scorpio man, what you see is a cold, no-emotion, hard person. After a while getting to know more about Scorpio man, you see the coldness is just the exterior. Scorpio man just shares his emotions, his feelings to his closed circle. You happen it’s not in that circle. Yet!

close friend photo example

Once you pass some “tests”, you will see more the weak side that Scorpio man hides. He needs to do it because of this unfaithful world. A lot of bad people are still there. Good people are minor. And the trustful good people are the gems. Scorpio man has been seen people take the advantages, the benefits, even blackmail others. Scorpio man protects himself first.

After, slowly Scorpio man shows his emotional needs. It also depends on how he feels safe around you. You will see a lot different emotional needs such as

  • Acceptance
  • Affection
  • Companionship
  • Intimacy and intensity
  • Love
  • Reassurance
  • Respect
  • Understanding -> thus, believe in him.
  • And more. (it depends on each Scorpio man)

Scorpio man body Needs

human basic needs

To Scorpio man, the body needs don’t need to question more. When the body feels hungry, eat. When the body gets tired, take a rest or go to sleep. When it has a headache, relax, release stress.

And special about human body sexual need.

Scorpio man also has a “unique” definition of it. When his body is aroused, it needs to do the action. It could play with himself. Or he gets a girlfriend with the only purpose – having sex.

Even Scorpio man has a regular girlfriend who holds his heart, his emotions, his feelings, Scorpio man still goes to the bed with another woman. And it’s special that Scorpio man doesn’t feel any guilt about that action. It’s JUST simply about his body need. Like eating, breathing, drinking. It’s what his body needs.

Thus, Scorpio man’s sex partner and his girlfriend sometimes are not the same person.

Scorpio man and the loyal issue

Scorpio man viewpoint, having a sex partner, doesn’t violent his loyalty. He still loves you with his heart ; shows you his emotions, his feelings; shares his passions with you, etc. When his body is aroused and you are not available at the time, Scorpio man just finds a way to solve the necessary.

For you – a woman’s viewpoint, your boyfriend is having sex with another woman. IT IS BETRAYAL!

Well, it’s not true all the time. There are some women who are Lesbian and Transparent. They are open and ask Scorpio man and that woman for a threesome instead.

However, the Scorpio man turns into the devil when his girlfriend decides to betray him. The common revenge is having sex with another man. Honestly, that is the wrong move. Because at that moment, Scorpio man will release his animal true form. He will use all his dirty tricks, his “poison string” to pay back with multiple 10 times. Scorpio man will hide in the darkness, manipulates others to make that man lose everything.

Plus, Scorpio man also saves some hates for his betrayal girlfriend. Once Scorpio commits to doing the punishment, suicide – for that betrayal girlfriend – is a luxury thing. And Scorpio man won’t allow it to happen so soon. Scorpio man will slowly abuse, torture both mental and physical. He will make the betrayal girlfriend experience the thing ” I couldn’t live, I couldn’t die ”

It’s dangerous and unfair, right, Ladies? If you don’t want to have a bad result, you are better to leave Scorpio man alone. If you choose to love a Scorpio man, do it with the real heart. If not, think again before you decide to betrayal him.

Become his alliances Or his enemies.

You have heard what Scorpio man could turn into when he releases his bad side. Maybe you don’t believe when it’s just a saying which exists a gap with the real action. Unfortunately, Scorpio Zodiac is the Zodiac who prefers doing the actions more. And when Scorpio man actions, he usually doesn’t speak much. That is his belief. Using the actions to prove. Those bad results above you have read, Scorpio man brainstorms inside the head. Only him, the GOD, and a few very trustful people know. The real actions… definitely much worser than above…

The reason for that hard behavior is the battleground in Scorpio man. He knows in this brutal world, it’s hard to find someone who can help you with truly generous, to find someone who can give a hand in the bad situation, to find someone to side with you when challenges come. And most important, truly trustworthy people are very rare!

friend or enemy

Thus, Scorpio man needs to draw a clear line between alliances, raid groups with the enemy. Once Scorpio man indicates the enemy, he feels pleasure for not hold himself back to destroy the enemy. Mercy with enemy is killing ourselves.

What you give to Scorpio man, you receive the same in return. Plus extra his multiple interests. When you offer the same passionately loyalty to Scorpio man, you can expect for sure you won’t lose your capital. As long as you still invest in him.

The best gift Scorpio man highly expect is to believe in him regardless of the cost. You would still side with him until the end even it doesn’t make sense.

Scorpio man wants and desires

Each Scorpio man has different wants and desires. In general, the Scorpio man wants to be needed. In simple, you will make Scorpio man happy when he feels useful. Besides, he wants to earn the respect from you. And you also would treat him with the same level respect.

When Scorpio man suddenly has the distraction as a result of another woman’s body sexual attraction, you must understand him that:

  • At the time, it’s his body need. You need to refresh and some more some passions in the bed with Scorpio man. Before he finds another sex-partner.
  • How his acute perception isolates him
  • What his depth feelings do to him in society.
  • What his sensitivity means less full in the world
  • When you order him to do things he doesn’t want to do, the opposite result is predictable.

All 7 things can’t tell all Scorpio man personality. In some critical moments, we don’t know what Scorpio man will do because he’s quite! If you still want to side with him, check out the compatibility between Scorpio Zodiac sign with your Sun Sign.

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