Today is the official day when the Sun enters the Scorpio Zodiac Sign. If you are new with the Scorpio Zodiac sign, you can review about Scorpio The Zodiac Sign. Before we learn about 3 Signs Scorpio (Zodiac) likes you.

It has two sections. The first one is the 3 Signs Scorpio man likes you. And the second one is when Scorpio woman likes you. Do they have differences?

3 Signs Scorpio man likes you

Scorpio man is so special that people still remember about him no matter how long. He can be the most remarkable life partner. Or he could turn into the most haunted person in your love life.

I feel a little lucky when I get to know one Scorpio man when I live in Viet Nam – my home country. He is my classmate at the time. We are not so close since I don’t meet Scorpio friend’s definition. It offers me a few chances to stay beside him and observe.

Based on what I observe my Scorpio man classmate back then, I see it has three main signs when he likes a girl: he is active to chase on that girl. After he can sit down and communicate with that girl, he becomes more humorous. And then, I catch the small periods when he observes the girl when no one pays attention.

A Scorpio man will actively chase you when he’s attracted to you!

When a Scorpio man’s interesting on a lady, he sees himself as a hunter. He sets up for the purpose making her fall in love with him. He brainstorms his actions, his behaviors, his body language when he approaches the target.

He will start from away by collecting some personal information about you such as your first name, your last name, DOB, your hobbies, your favorites foods, your favorite style fashion, your favorites go-to-places, you live with parents or not, your parent’s name, your job/career, your education background ( from the kindergarten to primary school to secondary to high school to college and University) , how many friends you are, your close friend, your best friend, do you have a boyfriend yet, your ex-boyfriend list, and so on. The Scorpio would go farther and deeper until he knows everything about you.

stalker art by milady666

And the Scorpio man is very clever because he gets all that information by himself. He has many secret ways to obtain those. He could be a stalker in order to know 3 basic informations. They will be:

  • Your full name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number. You don’t need to frighten out because the Scorpio man knows his limitations. Even he knows and get your phone number, he won’t send the message nor call you when he doesn’t have your agreement. Once you are comfortable about sharing your phone number, it’s just the official confirmation. To him.

The way I see how my Scorpio classmate does is through the network. At first, he invents the reason to follow the lady. While following, he observes and remembers who communicates with the girl. He will judge and make the thesis based on their body language. He will guess who are her casual friends, who are the not-so-close friends, who talk with her not often, whom he can skim the information, who can trade some benefits with the information of the girl he likes.

And then, he approaches those satellite people for his goals. While communicating with them, their answers, their eyes will release the truth. It will match with the Scorpio man thesis or not. If a match, he will find her closer satellite people.

During the time, Scorpio man turns himself into a comedian

Since I know about the Scorpio man before, I notice the difference when he is in his friend network. While gathering around the girl he likes, Scorpio man will seduce. There are two ways: He volunteers to help the girls. For the purpose of communication more with her. Another way is through his side talents. Such as sport, singing, dancing, pretend to do foolish things but funny, etc.

For my Scorpio man classmate, he chooses to be a comedian when he is around with the girl he likes. I can’t deny the Scorpio’s humor is clever. He mixes the normal with some dark funny stories. He sometimes does some foolish actions in order to see the girl’s smile.

No matter what behaviors, I can sense the sincerity in Scorpio man. I can understand because of the Scorpio Zodiac trait. Scorpio people do NOT GIVE UP until they get what they want.

Even Scorpio man is more humorous outside, he still observes you attentively inside.

Well, it’s a small thing that normal people don’t pay attention to. (My Sun Sign is Virgo, so I am detail-orientation). It’s a little funny when I see myself as a third person. Scorpio man is observing the girl he likes. And me, I observe Scorpio on the side.

3 Signs Scorpio woman likes you

When a Scorpio woman likes you, she will show her different sides. SLOWLY

example Scorpio girl october 26 1991 filipino182cm

Sharing the same core trait with Scorpio man, Scorpio woman is cautions, doubt and need a long time observing when it comes to the romantic relationship. Scorpio woman doesn’t need to be active like a Scorpio man. Scorpio woman is born with a sexual body. When you see a Scorpio woman from away, you will see she has a nice body with big breasts, small hip, “delicious” leggings.

However, the sexiest body part is the Scorpio woman’s eyes. It doesn’t matter the eye’s color. Scorpio woman’s eyes are very charming like the black hole in the galaxy. When you maintain eye contact with her, you would have the feeling that she can “see” clearly and “through” you.

Scorpio woman knows about her sexiness, so she keeps the cold exterior when a stranger guy approaches her. Cold but still polite enough when you don’t have a bad intention. If you “behave like a wolf”, Scorpio woman probably doesn’t lay her eyes on you. She would ignore and consider you as the air.

As a result repeating those “wolfy” situations like that, Scorpio woman is misunderstood that she’s haughty person!

It has the reason behind. It’s you who want to know more or not.

When you pass the first round, Scorpio woman will allow you to have her phone number or email or a way to keep in touch. Now, you move to the next point where Scorpio woman needs time for observing you. It would take more than a year since she doesn’t have much free time for every day to chit chat with you. In her mind, that would be a good thing since she doesn’t want to hurry about finding the life partner.

Scorpio woman believes that she will wait for the right person to come, rather be hurt by “bad guys”.

When you can earn more trust in the second round, Scorpio woman will be active and show her softer side, her sensitive soul, her weakness. It has also some levels for it. The darker, deeper secrets, the more Scorpio feels trust you more. During this period, Scorpio woman will invent some “love tests” for experiments.

As she opens, she wants you to know her at the deeper level

After you pass her “love tests”, Scorpio woman still continues to observe you more. She is calculating what would you do after you know about her secrets? Scorpio woman has been heard other stories about betrayal people. Bad people “sell” other secrets in order to exchange some benefits. Scorpio woman places the bigger test when she releases a few secrets in the previous time.

When Scorpio woman feels you are truthful, when she realizes you also have the interest to know her more, Scorpio will draw some occasions for you. It’s the way Scorpio woman often uses. She manipulates you while you don’t even know about it. Nevertheless, she will make you feel that you are winning her heart. In fact, you are walking on the step that she draws in advance for you.

Even so, it’s the ONLY road that she draws for you to enter her heart, to know her at the deeper level. Other men can’t see this road. It’s simply that she blocks them.

Once the Scorpio woman judges you are the right man, she will tell you about her passions.

When you can come to this round, you will find yourself that you have some NEW passions. It’s the master-work from Scorpio woman. As she feels you are the right man for her, Scorpio shares more about her passions. You will hear her recommendations about her passion book as an example. Or her passion for collecting tattoo.

Slowly, she says and does some actions. The purpose: you will do it for her and/or with her. Scorpio woman will turn her hobbies, her passions into yours!

The common way Scorpio woman manipulates you is by using sex as the reward. After you have done or you have been helped her to achieve a goal, it depends on how good your performance. And then, the reward you will receive in the bed proportions with your previous job quality.

Summary the common signs a Scorpio Zodiac likes you

  • Active chasing on you
  • Become more humor and adding some dark funny stories
  • Do actions more than saying
  • Do some tests love by experiment
  • Express through body language and behaviors
  • Flirting and sometimes bedeviled
  • Observe attentively and dig until the root
  • Talkless when doing actions
  • Take care of
  • Turn your hobbies, your interests into hers/his
  • Sharing about Scorpio passions
  • Secretly help you without your notice
  • Secretly protect if can
  • Showing Scorpio dark sides and the angles that normal people can’t see
  • Want to do slowly in the relationship (but not in the bed ?)

Scorpio Zodiac is the most mysterious sign in the horoscope. They have a lot of secrets and refuse to share with normal people. When you can earn the Scorpio’s trust one by one, you will know more the angel and the devil within Scorpio. Thus, understanding Scorpio Zodiac is hard, but not impossible.

If Scorpio people read this, leave the comment below if I miss some signs as Scorpio Zodiac likes someone!

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